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MFA Health and Wellness Enhancement Grant

Take advantage of the Economic Development dollars available to help the growth of your business

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Fitness is an Essential Part of Health Care

Our goal is to help our members make fitness essential in their communities. Learn more about MFA and why you should become a member

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Movement is

At MFA we believe that movement is medicine for the mind and body, but it is also how your business succeeds. Take a look at our resource library for business tips, Fitness resources and more.

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Is the Enhancement Grant Legit?

Yes it is!
Michigan Fitness Association has received $8.5 million from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) with the intent of assisting Michigan-based fitness businesses like yours to promote health and well-being in your communities.

As an MFA member, you can apply for the Michigan Fitness Association Health and Wellness Enhancement Grant beginning September 5, 2023. The grant, provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), will allow qualified Michigan-based fitness businesses to receive dollars to enhance and promote health and wellness activities and programs within the state

Now is the best time to join to advance your business, your community, and your industry.

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Join in our mission

Advocate for Healthcare In the State of Michigan

For too long, Fitness organizations have been disconnected from our health care delivery system. By joining MFA in its mission to make fitness organizations an essential part of healthcare, you can make a difference in your community and beyond! Learn more about Advocacy

Our Team

Our amazing board and staff is committed to helping others. We take our passions and turn them into action.

Member Commitment

We vigorously advocate for, educate, and empower fitness professionals to ensure we are recognized as an essential provider in the healthcare delivery system.

Our Vision

Supporting a fitness industry that is viewed as a critical part of the State’s healthcare delivery system in an effort to transform Michigan into one of the healthiest states in the country.

In any organization there is the glamorous side and the not so glamorous side. Advocacy/political involvement are under appreciated because the effect is not always immediate or visible. In the short time that the MFA has been in existence, we were very instrumental in getting health clubs reopened sooner versus later. We were added to SB 85 which allowed businesses to apply for property tax relief due to being closed during Covid. And we were awarded an $8.5M grant to promote health and wellness. All great achievements, but our work is not done. The next big threat is being required to allow member cancellations online. Our elected representatives do not understand our business and it is imperative that we speak in volume. Personal stories from voting members in their districts influence legislative decisions.

Ed Eickhoff Director

The MFA Board is committed to advocating for all fitness businesses in Michigan and I am honored to lend my voice on behalf of mind body studios statewide so that there is representation for our unique business needs.

Elaine Economou Director

"The Michigan Fitness Association is an invaluable resource to support the growth of individual fitness businesses, as well as the growth of the industry. So often, fitness business owners/operators feel like they’re on an island by themselves, trying to improve the health of their community. The MFA takes you off of that island, and surrounds you with other like-minded professionals that are trying to make the same difference in their communities around the state. Coming together under the umbrella of the MFA ensures we all have access to the resources and advocacy to grow the impact our industry has on the health of Michiganders."

Mike Stack Director
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